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MSMS is a  local, black woman owned, small business that offers services that helps clients manage their stress. It all started when EMU contacted the owner Krystal Rain, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and owner of Authentic Healing Touch. They requested massage therapists for a wellness event they were having. After that was a success they requested her for more events  and to facilitate workshops. After establishing a relationship with EMU Krystal Rain decided to create a business where she could make the services she provided to the school and more accessible to everyone. And Mobile Stress Management Solutions was born.

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MSMS's mission is to  help as many people as we can learn how to manage the stress in there lives. 

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MSMS's vision is to  continue to build relationships within the community,  to expand our reach and services to meet the communities need and to be able to offer our services no matter where you are.

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